Kubernetes Service Mesh

Cloud Native Labs is powered by Kubermatic, an official CNCF and Linux Foundation Training Partner.

Deploying services to Kubernetes is only easy in theory, particularly as these services grow in size and complexity. Service discovery, service-to-service and origin-to-service security, observability, and resiliency quickly become an operators’ nightmare. Service meshes provide an infrastructure-based architectural pattern to address these challenges in a smart and centralized way.

The Kubernetes Service Mesh Training accelerates your understanding of service mesh and provides practical instructions for getting more out of your Kubernetes cluster. Besides general considerations on service meshes you will get deep insights on how to get things done with Istio. The class covers installation and upgrading of Istio as well as a comparison between different service mesh products.



8 hours


Participants should have a basic understanding of Kubernetes, Linux operating system, command-line tools, containers and a PC with modern browsers and a fast internet connection.