Kubernetes Accelerator for Operators

Kubernetes Accelerator For Operators gets your team up and running with Kubernetes sys-ops. Combining training, consultancy and open source cluster lifecycle management tooling, we empower your team to reliably run Kubernetes in production. Our experts help you to implement state-of-the-art Kubernetes operations with a best-in-class architecture. We will provide you with strategic and operational guidance at all stages of the process to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful and smooth implementation.

Kubernetes Accelerator For Operators Service covers six phases:

Explore -> Kubernetes Operations Training -> KubeOne Training -> Design -> Deploy -> Operate

1. Explore

Our architects engage with your team to review your use case and align your requirements and current stack with the technical deployment of Kubernetes.

Typical Activities


2. Kubernetes Operations Training

The Kubernetes Operations Training provides your team with the fundamentals of operating Kubernetes in production. The training is focused on getting a deep understanding of the Kubernetes components. We introduce core concepts such as etcd cluster, Kubernetes control plane, Kubernetes workers and clients.

3. KubeOne Training

KubeOne is an open source Kubernetes lifecycle management tool for advanced Kubernetes operations. Kubermatic’s KubeOne Training accelerates your understanding of KubeOne and is focused on deploying and running KubeOne Kubernetes in production use-cases. We provide practical exercises on provisioning, bootstrapping, configuring and daily operations of Kubernetes clusters.

4. Design

In close cooperation with your team, our architects develop an architecture design and hosting model for Kubernetes that corresponds best with your use case.

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5. Deploy

During an on-site engagement, our architects make sure that Kubernetes is successfully deployed.

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6. Operate

Our architects work closely with your team to ensure that Kubernetes is effectively operated.

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​11.5 days


​Participants should have a basic knowledge of Kubernetes, Linux operating system, command-line tools and containers.

KubeOne Professional Standard Subscription

This Accelerator includes a KubeOne Professional Standard Subscription including the following features: