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Empower Your Business with Expert Consulting: Drive Modernization, Boost Efficiency, and Ignite Innovation. Our essential guidance will help you embrace the latest advancements in cloud-native technologies and streamline your operations, optimizing productivity at every turn.

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What Do We Deliver?

Cloud Native Labs consulting services and solutions are designed to give you a competitive edge, by providing tailored offerings that deliver cloud and cloud native solutions on time and budget.

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Our broad range of consulting services help organizations speed up their journey towards Kubernetes and hybrid and multi cloud with Cloud Native Labs proven experts. In the dynamic realm of enterprise IT, embracing Kubernetes is no longer a choice but a necessity. As your enterprise navigates the complex waters of cloud-native solutions, Cloud Native Labs stands as your strategic partner, offering unparalleled consulting services designed to give you a competitive edge. We rock the cloud-native game as the number one contributor to the Kubernetes project in Europe.

Cloud Native Labs provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud
  • Infrastructure
Consulting Services


Edge requires you to forget about some learnings and adapt towards various circumstances therefore we designed specific courses that enable you to dive deep into the subject matter. Running highly distributed edge environments for mobile 5g edges, multi-access edges and of course kubernetes powered edge solutions. They share targets like saving bandwidth and take control over your data as well as reduce risk or increase performance. This is achieved by moving compute out of the datacenter towards the user space, our accelerators move edge knowledge to your organization.

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The Clouds are massive. Whether you want to choose the right provider among global hyperscalers like Google Cloud, Azure Cloud or AWS, or searching for specific knowledge around cloud native projects, containers or Kubernetes architectures, we got you covered. Our portfolio of workshops creates repeatable results that last.

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Cloud Native Labs has a proven track record of delivering top-notch consulting services to organizations worldwide, spanning various industries. Here's a glimpse of our engagements.

  • Banking & Financial Services

    Application migration to kubernetes

  • Industry

    Engagement Overview

  • IT Service Provider

    Platform to deliver scalable software development

  • Pharmaceutical

    Consumption of cloud native solutions as a service

  • Risk & Asset Management

    Application migration to Kubernetes

  • IT Service Provider

    Platform to deliver smart city applications

  • IT Service Provider

    Platform to deliver cloud native applications

  • Telecommunications

    Kubernetes expert support

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